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The rain started as a drizzle. The windscreen wipers slapped their rhythm back and forth. I saw them standing on the curb waving me down, so I pulled my cab over to let them in. This being a residential neighbourhood, I don’t get flagged down so much as a few streets over in the business district.

“Where you guys going on such a pissy evening, then?” I asked as they settled in the back. It made no difference if my fares were 9 or 90, they were still “guys”.

“Time to go home,” he smiled as he put his arm around the scantily clad young woman sitting next to him. She looked a bit drunk, but not overly intoxicated. He gave me the address and kissed her forehead. She smiled and tilted her head up to return the kiss. There was little traffic out at the time, but, even so, the address he gave me was a good 20 to 30 minutes away. It was going to be a good fare.

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I pulled away from the curb and started the metre as they cuddled in the back. “Would you like the heat on a bit?” I asked “The rain can chill you if you’re not careful.”

“Yes, please,” she smiled.

I turned the heat up to comfort them some. They’d be in back for a while. “Let me know if you get too warm, then,” I checked them again in the rear view, then turned my attention to the road.

He had the footballer look – athletic, but not overly worked out, in jeans, trainers, and a jersey. She was very cute with dark hair that hung nicely to her shoulders and smiling eyes. Her loose fitting electric blue halter top hid the size of her bosom, but certainly showed plenty of shoulder and sides. Her slacks, what I could see of them in my mirror, looked to be a very thin, light coloured material, that, because of the rain, was a bit more see-through than possibly expected. Looking at her, I could feel my cock stir in my jeans. She was the type that, if she were alone, I’d ask for something else besides cash for the fare. Then again, I’m just a dog.
We hadn’t been moving long when I heard the unmistakable sounds of snogging in the back. I adjusted my rear view to get a better view of the young couple making out. Trying to keep my eyes on the road, I also wanted to see what might happen in my back seat.

It didn’t take them long before they were touching and caressing, and then groping, as their kisses got more and more passionate. Soon, the straps holding her halter top had been untied behind her head, letting the fabric fall to reveal her beautiful breasts. They were just right. Not very large, maybe a B cup, but perfectly formed and her pink nipples were already standing at attention. My cock stirred again in my jeans as I watched her cup her breasts and offer them to her man. He took one in his hand and gently massaged it while he took the other in his mouth. Lucky fuck. As he did, her head fell back and a moan of delight escaped her lips. My cock once again jumped. She also knew I’d heard her because she looked directly at me in the mirror and winked at me.

She pulled his face from her nipple and kissed his mouth with renewed passion. His hands covered both of her tits and her hands rested on his thighs.

“I can’t wait until we get home,” she moaned as she broke their kiss. “I want you now… in my mouth!”

“Baby, I don’t know…” he gave a quick look at me, while I’m doing my damnedest to look like I’m not watching. My cock is screaming he wants to be in her mouth, too.

In low voices she demanded, he again questioned my presence and can’t she wait until they got home.

“Excuse me, Mr Driver,” she said, leaning forward in her seat and resting her elbows on the back of my seat, just in time to have to slow and stop at a traffic light. “My boyfriend and I have been to a party this evening and, yes, I’ve had a little to drink. I tend to get a bit randy when I drink and it seems,” she looked down at her exposed breasts “that this evening is no exception.” I nodded my head in agreement as she continued. “My absolute favourite thing to do when I’m in this mood is to suck his big, beautiful cock until it happily explodes in my waiting, wanting mouth. And, yes, I do swallow. Now, he wants me to wait until we’re home to do that. I want it now.” She slapped the back of the seat to emphasize “now”.

All through this, my own cock is straining to be freed. “You shouldn’t make her wait, mate,” I winked into the rear view, trying not to sound like my balls were in my throat. Just then, the light changed and I slowly stepped on the gas.

“No offence, man, but I’m not too keen on you watching,” he argued.

“You wouldn’t believe the shite I’ve seen going on right where you’re sitting.” I said, rather matter-of-fact.

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