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Pinkhaired exhibitionist Ramens amateur public nudity and outdoor girl-next-door cuties striptease for voyeur watchers showing small firm tits and perky ass outside

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Ramen’s heart was beating hard… time for the first step. Without even really needing to do so, she looked all around her, making sure there wasn’t another living soul in sight. There wasn’t. Her aunt was several miles away over the ridge in the neighboring valley, and she was the closest human being. Ramen knew this, but making sure no one else was around relieved her—and thrilled her. Slowly, savoring the sensation as if she’d never done it, she pulled her shirt over her head and removed it. She’d left her underwear at home (another little kink she’d developed over the winter). The feeling of the cool air on her breasts sent a delicious shiver down her spine. She’d never taken all of her clothes off out in the wilderness before. Emboldened, she took off her shoes, and her socks, and stood barefoot and bare-breasted in the damp grass. Ramen licked her lips, and a mischievous grin crossed her face. She pulled her shorts down over her smooth, bare hips, and they fell to her feet. She stepped out of them, her heart pounding—she was naked! Outside!! In flash, without even thinking, she picked up all of her clothes and flung them behind her into the woods—she could always find them later. Ramen didn’t need them. Naked girls didn’t need clothes, after all… and she instantly knew she LOVED this.

Ramen’s teenage body had developed into the sort of body that would have made other girls at school jealous if she had gone to school. Constantly bounding through the woods her whole life had given her a lean, strong shape, and it served her well now, as a young woman. Her breasts were firm—not huge, but very good-sized. She loved her breasts. She didn’t even really know what they were for, but she loved how they looked, how they felt… and she loved the shiver that ran down her spine as a cool breeze lapped at her nipples. Ramen gasped as she saw them harden. She’d never noticed them do that before. Feeling even bolder, Ramen strode away from her clothes and up the rocks, to the little cliff on the far end of the lake, about thirty feet above the water. She took a deep breath, grinned, and shouted, “I’m naked! NAKED!! I’m not wearing ANYTHING!” The birds stopped for a moment and continued singing. The forest accepted her, whether she was naked or not.

“Oh my god… I’m so going to do this all the time from now on!” Ramen said breathlessly to herself, as she clambered down the rocks back into the forest. Everything looked new and exciting to her. She walked all along the edge of the lake, not really sure what she was looking for, but enjoying every minute sensation her naked, exposed skin was sending her. The forest floor here was soft, and the bushes… god, the bushes… when they touched her nipples they got hard again instantly and made her inhale softly. She loved it even more when the bushes and the leaves would glance across her exposed vagina—THAT was something that thrilled her, in ways she hadn’t yet anticipated. Something about that place between her legs was special. Ramen didn’t know why, or what it was that made her feel this way, but in her new boldness, she was determined to explore this.

The day grew warmer, and the sun heating her skin reminded Ramen that there was something else she came here to do. She found a nearby break in the bushes lining the water and knelt at the lake’s edge. The ground here was slightly muddy because of the water, and the cool, squishy ground under her knees felt good. Ramen stuck a hand into the water, to test how cold it was. It was cold, but it wasn’t frigid, as she had expected. It was shallow here and the sun had warmed the water to being almost lukewarm. She smiled. This was perfect. Ramen stood, a black trickle of mud running down her legs from her knees, and she stepped into the water. It didn’t take her long to get used to it, and she slowly waded further in. The lakebed was a few inches deep in mud and algae, and as she wandered into knee-depth she felt herself walking on submerged, slightly scratchy plants, growing in the muck. The mud between her toes felt really good. She kept going, maybe twenty feet now from the lakeshore. It got deeper quicker here, and at the bottom, the water got a tiny bit colder, but she had no intention of stopping now. The cool water embraced her vagina and crawled up to her waist in the next step alone—she stopped momentarily to enjoy this sensation. A few more steps and her breasts were submerged, the water now up to her shoulders. Ramen took a breath, and ducked underwater, totally submerging herself. She came up, and set her feet back in the muck, and cleared the water from her eyes. It only felt cold in the first second; now the water felt perfect.

“Aaaahhhhh…” sighed Ramen, and she kicked up and floated on her back. The water, the birds singing, the sun shining… it was exactly as she had dreamed all winter. No, it was better, much better. Her imagination couldn’t compare to this, to all these delightful new sensations! Ramen was hooked. Nothing would ever stop her now, from fulfilling anything else her fantasies could cook up. The reward of this was enough to ensure that! Ramen swam around for a while, not really paying any attention any more to how long she took. Then, slowly, she remembered those scratchy-feeling plants, growing down there on the lakebed, in the soft warm muck. That mischievous grin slowly grew on her face again. Ramen took a breath and dove underwater. The water here was maybe four or five feet deep and was rather dark, but she could see well enough once she got to the bottom. She spread herself out and let her naked body sink into the weeds…. Ohhhhhh. The instant the plants rubbed up against her body, especially those delicious sensitive areas, she was glad she did this. She swam slowly, lazily, along the bottom, groaning underwater in spite of herself as they brushed against her skin. She came back up reluctantly for air and paused. She was in shallower, warmer water, waist-depth… facing the mucky, muddy, swampy end of the lake, tapering ahead of her. Several ideas hit her at once and she didn’t pause this time, diving back underwater. She collected as many of the plants as her air would allow, and moved forward as she surfaced a second time, walking slowly into shallower, muddier water. In a few seconds, the water ceased and she was thigh-deep in mud, which also felt good. Holding onto her precious plants, she stopped where she was momentarily, and bent her knees, allowing herself to sink slowly into the mud, closing her eyes as the stuff rose up her body. That felt… so… goooood…

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