Amateur Flasher Babe – P2

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“See, Babe, it happens all the time,” she said as she finished removing her top and then dropped it on the empty side of the front seat. “You’re going to cum in my mouth, Mister, and you’re going to like it. If not, you can trade places with Mr Driver. Either way, I’m drinking some spunk in this here taxi.”

“You don’t want me, young Miss,” I lied. But I didn’t want her footballer boyfriend to get the idea that I might just be up for it. My cock certainly was and would’ve been very glad to substitute for his. “My advice, son, for what it’s worth, don’t ever turn your girl down when she wants to suck yer knob. Turn her down once and she may never let you know she wants to ever again, no matter how badly she may want it.”

He looked at her and then back at me. We slowed down for another traffic light. She sat forward again and there was some shuffling I couldn’t see and suddenly, her slacks were lying on the seat next to her top. She sat back again in her seat and spread her thighs wide open to reveal her neatly trimmed pubes. She was completely starkers in my back seat and she was starting to finger herself.

The traffic light changed, but it took me a moment to pull away. She was so beautiful back there, but I didn’t want to give the impression to her boyfriend that I was very interested, even though, at that moment, the slightest touch to my cock would have made it erupt almost instantly.

Then she started to moan as her fingering gave way to penetration. “Take out your cock, Baby… C’mon… I want to see it… I want to suck it… You like it when I suck it, don’t you?” That one got him. With a slightly mesmerized look on his face, he bagan to undo his jeans. Her sexy taunting, however, didn’t stop. “Oh, yes, Baby… Pull it out for me… I want to drink you dry…” I was ready to undo my own pants and pull my cock out for her.

Meanwhile, Boyfriend McFootballer, has his jeans and unders to his knees, and his cock is standing ever so proudly. I couldn’t tell how big it was, but she certainly liked it, and that’s all that really mattered. He slowly stroked himself while she quickened the pace of her fingering herself. I was doing my very best to watch the road, but the moans and sighs coming from the back, mostly from her, made my eyes dart to the rearview more often than I probably should have.

Lady Luck was certainly watching over me. The traffic light had just turned red, and as I pulled the taxi to a stop, I was able to watch her orgasm. Her boyfriend was far too interested in watching her, too, to pay any attention to me. Her body shook as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her. Her face was contorted in the most excruciating bliss and her moans of pleasure gave way to growls of delight. But, before she was completely finished, she leant forward and engulfed his cock with her mouth, finishing her orgasm while starting him on his way.

I sat watching, transfixed, as she lovingly sucked her boyfriend’s cock. Her head slowly bobbed up and down, his head was back and his eyes were closed. The light changed to green, there was no other traffic, I didn’t move. She cupped his balls and I grabbed myself, holding on, not wanting to cum in my shorts.

He lifted his head and saw me watching. I thought for sure he was going to get mean about it. Instead he smiled and winked at me in the mirror! I almost shot my load right there. Now it was his turn to get vocal: “Oh, god, that feels so fucking good… yeah, Baby, suck it… your mouth is so hot…” I don’t know if he was really talking to her, or just being vocal for my benefit, but I could hear her humming her approval to everything he said. The light must’ve turned red while I was watching them, because, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it turn green again. I reluctantly pressed the accelerator and resumed our drive. She must’ve felt the car moving again, because she grabbed her tit in her hand as we reached the speed limit and started bobbing on his pole faster. He reached down and wove his fingers in her hair. She responded by squeezing his balls and bobbing on his shaft a little faster.

“You know I can’t last long in your mouth,” he grunted.

“Mmmm…” she hummed around his stiff, throbbing cock.

“If you really want me to cum, you’d better get ready,” he moaned.

“Mmmm, hhmmm…” she replied.

By now, the address he’d given me was just over a block away and there was one more traffic light between us and there. I was praying to anyone and everyone to make that light turn red.

Lady Luck smiled upon me one more time. The light changed to red and we pulled to a stop. Instead of looking in my rearview, I turned around as much as I could in my seat to watch the final few moments of her felatio show. As soon as I turned, I could smell her excitement. My cock was screaming for release, but this was their time, I was just going to watch.

“Yeah, Babe! Fuck!” he grunted. “D’ya want it? I’m so fucking close…”